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Who We Are

Little River Range and Training has a goal of helping people feel safer in this uncertain time we live in. Today, more people are buying firearms and wanting to expand their training so they are able protect themselves and the ones they love. Once they purchase the firearm, they research what classes they need to take to expand their knowledge and skills. It is our goal to help people learn how to use this firearm in a safe, controlled and knowledgeable environment. We have developed a system that allows individuals from a beginner to a veteran shooter to test their skills by using our live fire range, virtual reality range, and our in-house Ultimate Training Munition and shoot house, which enables our students to interact in real time with real world scenarios with the firearm they will be using for defense. We want to help our students learn how to avoid dangerous situations, but if necessary, how to respond and neutralize the threat.

We invite anyone who would like to further their skill set and knowledge base to sign up for our classes. Everyone here at Little River Range and Training, LLC looks forward to seeing you in the class room and on the range.

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