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Pistol Combatives

This 5-hour course is a stand-alone program separate from Reactive Pistol 1 and 2 that emphasizes unconventional shooting positions. This course is open to all students however those with confident, disciplined pistol skills will benefit the most.

Shooting from Behind Cover

This course is designed to familiarize students how to fight from behind cover. This course will demonstrate different firing positions from behind cover using their rifle and pistol.

Ground Fighting and Close Pistol Operations

This course is designed to put the shooter into unfavorable and unfamiliar defensive shooting position. This course will teach the shooter weapon retention, shooting from the ground, transition back to a defensive stance from the ground, shooting at targets 1 foot or less and how to create space between the shooter and threat. 

Low Light Firearms Training

This course is designed to familiarize shooter how to use Weapon Mounted Lights, IR Designators (IR LASER), and other Night Vision Equipment. This is an Advanced course and each shooter must take RP1 or Carbine 1 before taking this course


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Shooting from cover
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