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Drew "Preacher" Holbrook

LRRAT 3 Gun Competitor 


About Drew

I have always had a sense of the importance of being self-aware and having the ability to defend myself, my family, and those around me. As a Christian, I passionately believe it is important to not only be selfless and loving to others in the ordinary ways of serving, but to be willing to not only put your own life on the line to protect others, but to also pass on the knowledge to others so that they may also have the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones as Christ protects us. I have been shooting casually since I was 13 but have only been interested in the more experienced side of shooting the last 2 years or so and it has all been self-taught with the exception of my training with LRRAT. I hope to further my passion and skills for shooting in the competitions I will be partaking in and hopefully spread the same passion to others as well.

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