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Cody Ditchfield

Range Safety Officer / Asst. Carbine Instructor


About Cody

Through living in a military family and serving in the USMC, I grew up being taught to seek ways to better myself. Firearms and tactics became important to me at a young age where I learned that self-reliance is one of the most important skills someone can have. In high school I was on my JROTC marksmanship team. Currently I am squad leader in the USMC reserves, a marksmanship coach and it is my mission to help those learn to keep themselves safe.

Experience and Skills

Currently serving in the US Marine Corps

  • Combat Engineer with 4th Marine Division

  • Squad Leader and Marksmanship Coach

  • Qualified on 12 weapons platforms

  • Trained in construction and implementation of manufactured and improvised demolition charges

  • Trained in construction and implementation of field fortification and camouflaging there of

NRA Member

  • Certified NRA Firearms Instructor

  • Certified NRA Range Safety Officer

8 years Search and Rescue experience with the USAF Civil Air Patrol

Highly trained in Land Navigation

Advanced Training

  • Mountain Warfare School

    • Mountaineering

  • USMC Marksmanship Coaches Course

  • FEMA Disaster Response

  • USMC Leadership Courses

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