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Augie "Shark" Malagon

Firearms Training Manager / Instructor - Little River Range and Training


About Augie

I’ve spent 31 years in the Law Enforcement profession as a deputy sheriff in a large metropolitan area in the state of Florida. Early on in my career I adopted the Warrior mindset which paid off for me in the mean streets that I worked in. I then also began advocating that mindset as well for the civilian citizenry. I believe that a strong, self-reliant citizenry should have the fundamental skills to defend and protect themselves and their families. It’s become essential in today’s society that citizens have the means to be their own First Responder.

This doctrine is what eventually led me to delve into the instructional side of Law Enforcement where I was able to share my knowledge, training and experience with cadets, recruits, veteran cops and like-minded civilians seeking to better themselves by adopting the same Warrior mindset that many of us from the Law Enforcement and Military circles share.

With today’s rising rates of violent street crime, civil unrest, active shooters and attacks on police, it’s become more critical to prepare yourself for an armed confrontation that could come your way on any given day. Preparation and vigilance are among the key tools to survive and win in an armed confrontation. We don’t choose the fight, the fight will choose you, therefore the more preparation and training you invest in now, the more likely you’ll emerge the winner.

Our objective is to provide our students the tools to accomplish that goal.

Experience and Skills

  • Over 30 years of law enforcement experience

  • Patrol Division Watch Commander with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office

    • 7th largest sheriff’s office in the state of Florida

  • Member of numerous special operations groups and multi-agency task forces

  • SWAT team member

  • Underwater Operations Unit search and recovery diver

  • 13 years working as an undercover detective

  • Supervised narcotics and vice operations at the state and federal levels

  • Graduate of

    • DEA Narcotics Investigations School

    • Clan Lab Investigations

    • Organized Crime Investigations

    • Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigations

    • DHS / FEMA sponsored Response to Terrorist Bombings at the EMR Training Center in Socorro, New Mexico

  • Florida state certified instructor

  • Firearms instructor

  • Patrol tactics instructor

  • Response to Active Shooter instructor

  • Adjunct instructor at the SW Florida Criminal Justice Academy

    • specialized in Street Gangs and Extremist Groups classes

    • Reality-based Scenario Training for academy recruits

    • instruction work for a private firm, Benchmark Tactical LLC

  • Retired at the rank of Captain

  • NRA Life Time Member

  • Certified Range Safety Officer

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