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Eddie Foley

Sr. Instructor - Little River Range & Training


About Eddie

The proudest times of my career, as well as the saddest, was having the honor and privilege of being one of the first responders during the rescue and recovery surrounding the attacks on the World Trade Center, both in 1993 and 2001. Being tasked with the recovery of, and returning the remains of U.S. citizens as well as the remains of 15 of my fallen friends and colleagues to their loved ones, remains my proudest achievement as an NYPD Emergency Service Officer.

Experience and Skills

  • 20 years of service as a New York Police Department Detective (retired)

  • 4 years United States Marine Corps

  • NYPD elite Emergency Services Unit (ESU)

  • Certifications and expertise in

    • New York Certified EMT

    • Dignitary Protection

    • Dynamic Entries and Assaults

    • Counter Terrorist Operations

    • Special Weapons and Tactics

    • Hostage Rescue

    • S.C.U.B.A. Rescue

    • High Rise Rescue

    • Vehicle Extrication

    • Insertion Rappelling via Helicopter

    • Sniper Training

    • Explosive Device Procedures

    • Hazardous Material Expertise

    • Animal Control

    • Certified Range Safety Officer

    • NRA Member

  • Eddie has been part of dignitary protection and security details and presidential motorcades for two Presidents of the United States, Two Israeli Prime Ministers, Yasser Arafat, Princess Diana, and a host of other foreign heads of state.

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