Course Overview

This course is designed to teach the student how to properly use the equipment provided in the Individual First Aid Kit. The course will cover the following items:

  • Equipment provided in the IFAK and how to properly use them safely.

  • How to wear and remove Personal Protective Equipment safely.

  • Simple and compound fractures

  • How to treat eye wounds

  • How to use compression bandages.

  • How to use Quick Clot and subsequent protocols.

  • How to properly use a tourniquet and what to record when it is used.

  • How to treat a gunshot wound.

  • How to recognize and treat for shock

  • How to treat a sucking chest wound

  • How to recognize a heart attack and how to treat for it.

  • American Heart Association CPR Certification

Items provided in the kit:

  • IFAK Pouch      Quick-clot Bandage      3″ Elastic Bandage      Tourniquet      SAMs Splint      4×4 Gauze

  • Rolled Gauze    Band-aids       Trauma Shears      SS Tweezers      Abdominal Bandage      Safety Pins

  • Aspirin      Medical Tape      Triangle Bandage      Butterfly Bandages      Smelling Salts      Burn Gel

  • Triple Antibiotic      Nitrile Gloves      Alcohol Prep Pads      Chest Seals      Israeli Bandage      Sharpie

  • Note pad and Pen

  • At the completion of this course each student will be given an Individual First Aid Kit to take and keep with their gear or vehicle. Each student will also receive a Certificate of Training for Individual First Aid Kit. All materials are provided by Little River Range and Training, LLC


Cost: $175.00

Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM, scheduled class day


New Providence Lodge #128. 318 Ellis Ave. Maryville TN, 37804


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