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Course Overview

This course is designed to teach students the basics of how to respond to engagement scenarios, specifically those engagements that involve a wounded person. This course will cover topics including:


-Basics of your Every Day Carry loadout or Duty Loadout 

-Rapid/surprise engagement response

-How to execute a fighting withdrawal when wounded

-EVAC’ing a wounded person from an engagement

-Emergency hemorrhage control until help arrives.


This course will teach the student to think critically about the types of engagements they may find themselves in when going about their daily life. It will demonstrate a set of scenarios that will simulate having to extract themselves and other from hostile situations, how to triage after neutralizing threats, and how the student can keep themselves our someone else stable until EMS arrives. There will be instruction on EDC best practices, and live-fire training provided under professional supervision.

Upon completion of the course the student will receive a certificate of completion and a Little River Range and Training class chip.

Required materials for successful course completion:

  • A quality semiautomatic pistol chambered in .380, 9mm, 40S&W, 357Sig or 45acp **22LR are allowed for this course**

  • Revolvers can be used in 38 special and 357 magnums. Due to the amount of shooting that will be done, we recommend a semiautomatic.

  • Calibers outside the normal Everyday Carry will not be allowed

    • FN 5.7

    • 44 Mag

    • .50 cal

  • Quality made hip or concealment holster. No drop legs are allowed in the level 1 course.

  • At least 3 magazines for double stack pistols or at least 4 magazines for single stack pistols.

    • If you do not have enough magazines, contact us to arrange extra mags to be provided.

  • Magazine holders that attach to a belt.

  • Speed loaders for revolvers.

  • 250 rounds of FACTORY LOADED No reloads allowed.

  • Proper PPE

    • Hearing protection

      • Electronic preferred but not required

    • Eye protection

    • Long pants

    • Close toe shoes

  • Ball caps or Boonie Caps

  • Sun screen

  • Bug spray

  • Bottled water or Gatorade

    • A cooler with ice will be on the range for everyone to use.

  • Snacks

  • Folding or camping chairs are highly recommended.

  • Gun Cleaning Kit

  • Note pad and pen

Please have all magazines and firearms unloaded prior to the class. If you wish to bring any additional equipment, we recommend you have it.



Cost: $175.00

Time: 0900-1700 *Scheduled Class Days*

Location: LRRAT Training Facility

136 Corbin Hill Rd. Oliver Springs TN

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