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2 Day Close Quarter Engagement 

**Simrounds only**


Course Overview

This course is designed for team entry into rooms but will also cover single person entry tactics. Students will learn how to search the room from safety, how to slice the pie, breach and clear the room and identify threats, and neutralize if needed. This course is taught with the use of UTM training equipment. This allows for effective 360° training area using the students actual firearm with a simple Bolt Carrier Group change out or a M9 barrel conversion. Weapon mounted lights or handheld flash lights will be needed for this course. If the student has IR equipment that are issued to them, it is recommended they bring the equipment, but it is not required.

If this course is taught at the LRRAT Training Facility in Oliver Springs, TN, each of our shoot houses can be controlled by the instructor to offer various different scenarios so each student will have their own individual experience. Each room is monitored by CCTV for students and instructors to watch and critique.

All PPE is required for this course. If the PPE needs to be provided, LRRAT can provide PPE. Lunches are provided on both days of the course. Lodging can be set up through LRRAT if needed. 

Students will need to bring the following equipment:

Issued M4 or AR15

Training rounds are provided by LRRAT

3 Rifle magazines

Rifle sling ** Two point is recommended but not required**

Quality range belt or chest rig

Weapon mounted lights or hand held flashlights

Knee and elbow pads are recommended

Folding chair

Water or Sports Drink

If the student needs to use a training AR15 that is converted to utilize the UTM Training, please contact the Training Department at 865-405-7331 or email

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Cost: $500.00

Time: 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM, scheduled class days


LRRAT Live Fire Range

136 Corbin Hill Rd

Oliver Springs TN 37840

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