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2 Day Combat Rifle


Course Overview

Combat Rifle course was developed to reinforce the fundamentals of how to effectively use a rifle but quickly builds from there. In the course the student will be taught proper grips for different shooting techniques, combat and tactical reloads from the students strong side, weak side and one handed, 4 different stances and what each are intended for, malfunction clearing with their strong side, weak side, and onehanded techniques, fighting from cover, bi-lateral shooting techniques, shooting on the move and multiple threat engagements, how and when to transition from their primary weapon to their secondary weapon.


If the student is not qualified on the pistol, the weapon transition can be skipped, or the student can use one of the training M9 provided by LRRAT.

During the development of this course, we used the same basic outline of the combat pistol course with the primary focus of the M4 platform and weapon transition. We recommend the student bring all the gear they are issued so they can get familiarized with how the equipment they wear interacts with different scenarios the student will be placed in.

All PPE is required for this course. If the PPE needs to be provided, LRRAT can provide PPE. Lunches are provided on both days of the course. Lodging can be set up through LRRAT if needed. 

Students will need to bring the following equipment:

150 rounds of pistol ammunition.

500 rounds of 223/5.56, 300blackout or 7.62x36  

2 Pistol magazines

3 Rifle magazines

Rifle sling ** Two point is recommended but not required**

Quality holster **No Blackhawk Serpa allowed at this time**

Quality range belt or chest rig

Knee and elbow pads are recommended

Folding chair

Water or Sports Drink

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Cost: $500.00

Time: 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM, scheduled class days


LRRAT Live Fire Range

136 Corbin Hill Rd

Oliver Springs TN 37840

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